Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America
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March 1, 1777
Alexander Hamilton appointed aide-de-camp to General George Washington and promoted to lieutenant colonel.


March 1, 1782
"Your Excellency will, I am persuaded, readily admit the force of this sentiment, that though it is the duty of a good citizen to devote his services to the public, when it has occasion for them, he cannot with propriety, or delicacy to himself, obtrude them, when it either has, or appears to have none. The difficulties I experienced last campaign in obtaining a command will not suffer me to make any further application on that head.

As I have many reasons to consider my being employed hereafter in a precarious light, the bare possibility of rendering an equivalent will not justify to my scruples the receiving any future emoluments from my commission. I therefore renounce from this time all claim to the compensations attached to my military station during the war or after it."

Col. Alexander Hamilton to General George Washington, March 1, 1782, on declining his military pay and pension

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