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July 11, 1804
Asked if they were prepared, being answered in the affirmative, [Pendleton] gave the word 'present' as had been agreed on, and both of the parties took aim and fired in succession. The intervening time is not expressed as the seconds do not precisely agree on that point. The pistols were discharged within a few seconds of each other, and the fire of Col. Burr took effect. Genl. Hamilton almost instantly fell. Col. Burr then advanced toward Genl. Hamilton with a manner and gesture that appeared to Genl. Hamilton's friend to be expressive of regret, but without speaking turned about and withdrew, being urged from the field by his friend. . . . We conceive it proper to add that the conduct of the parties in that interview was perfectly proper as suited the occasion.

Statement for press prepared immediately after the duel by William Van Ness [Burr's second] and Nathaniel Pendleton [Hamilton's second], July 11, 1804

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