Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America
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August 3, 1792
Since your departure, I have lost no opportunity of sounding the opinions of persons, whose opinions were worth knowing. . . . The impression is uniform -- that your declining [to run again for President] would be to be deplored as the greatest evil, that could befall the country at the present juncture, and as critically hazardous to your own reputation. . . . 'Tis clear, says every one, with whom I have conversed, that the affairs of the national government are not yet firmly established -- that its enemies, generally speaking, are as inveterate as ever -- that their enmity has been sharpened by its success and by all the resentments which flow from disappointed predictions and mortified vanity. . . . If you continue in office nothing materially mischievous is to be apprehended -- if you quit much is to be dreaded.

Alexander Hamilton to George Washington, July 30-August 3, 1792, urging him to run for a second term as President of the United States

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