Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America
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August 12, 1794
My heart cannot cease to ach till I hear some more favourable account from you. . . . If my darling child is better when this reaches you persevere in the plan which has made him so. If [John] is worse -- abandon the laudanum & try the cold bath -- that is abandon the laudanum by degrees giving it over night but not in the morning -- & then leaving it off altogether. Let the water be put in the Kitchen over night & in the morning let the child be dipped in it head foremost wrapping up his head well & taking him again immediately out, put in flannel & rubbed dry with towels. Immediately upon his being taken out let him have two tea spoons full of brandy mixed with just enough water to prevent its taking away his breath.

Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Hamilton, August 12, 1794, recommending treatment for their sick son John Church Hamilton

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