Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America

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Alexander Hamilton held the following public office:
President Secretary of Treasury
Secretary of Interior Federal Reserve Chairman

Alexander Hamilton's portrait appears on the:
$10 bill $100 bill
$500 bill $50 bill

During the Revolution, Hamilton led the New York Provincial Artillery Company, which today exists as the First Battalion Fifth Field Artillery based in:
Massachusetts New York
Kansas Texas

Hamilton, one of the few founding fathers to be born abroad, was born in:
France Nevis
Isle of Skye Halifax

Hamilton helped found the newspaper that became:
The New York Sun The New York Post
The New York Times The New York Herald Tribune

Hamilton was called "Bastard brat of a Scotch pedlar" by:
Aaron Burr Dolly Madison
John Adams Thomas Jefferson

The famous Burr-Hamilton duel took place in:
Albany, NY Pittsburgh, PA
Weehawken, NJ Greenwich Village, New York City, NY

A still-existing financial institution Hamilton helped found in 1784 was:
The New York Stock Exchange The Bank of New York
The New York Cotton Exchange U.S. Trust

Alexander Hamilton, an ambitious young immigrant, married which daughter of a wealthy patriot family?
Nancy Randolph Elizabeth Schuyler
Kitty Livingston Peggy Shippen

In order to get his financial program through Congress in 1790, Alexander Hamilton made a deal to move the nation's capital from:
New York to Trenton to Philadelphia Philadelphia to Washington, DC
New York to Philadelphia to Washington, DC New York to Annapolis, MD

Alexander Hamilton applied to the College of New Jersey, but went to King's College. These are now:
Rutgers and Columbia Rutgers and Yale
Princeton and Harvard Princeton and Columbia

In 1793, Alexander Hamilton joined the first board of trustees of the Hamilton Oneida Academy, now known as Hamilton College and located in:
New York City Elizabeth, NJ
Philadelphia Upstate New York

Alexander Hamilton served in George Washington's cabinet with:
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Henry Knox and James Madison
Thomas Jefferson and Henry Knox James Madison and Benjamin Franklin

Alexander Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers, a series of newspaper essays that helped convince a skeptical public to ratify the Constitution, with:
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson James Madison and John Jay
George Washington and John Jay James Madison and William Duer

Alexander Hamilton led an infantry charge at the battle of:
Trenton, NJ White Plains, NY
Yorktown, VA Monmouth, NJ

Alexander Hamilton's oldest son Philip died:
in the War of 1812 in a duel in 1801
of old age in 1861 of yellow fever in 1794

Alexander Hamilton's country home can be found in:
The Bronx Harlem
Yonkers Saratoga

Hamilton was a founding member of the New York Manumission Society (founded 1785), which campaigned for an end to slavery. The society's entire file of manuscript records, from 1785 to 1849, is located in the:
New York Public Library New York Municipal Archives
National Archives New-York Historical Society

Hamilton started an ambitious project to demonstrate America's untapped potential for manufacturing in:
Paterson, NJ Lowell, MA
Brooklyn, NY Philadelphia, PA

When word of Alexander Hamilton's relations with a woman named Maria Reynolds began to leak out, Hamilton:
wrote a pamphlet admitting he was an adulterer told George Washington privately that he was an adulterer
admitted to Congress that he was guilty of insider trading Made no comment