Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America
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Caribbean Origins
American Patriot & Soldier
Treasury Secretary
The Duel
"If there be a man in the world I ought to hate," Hamilton once wrote, "it is Jefferson. With Burr I have always been personally well." Yet in the presidential election of 1800, which was deadlocked by a fluke of the Electoral College, Hamilton supported his old rival Jefferson, and opposed his fellow New Yorker Aaron Burr. Four years later, Hamilton’s mounting distrust of Burr was to have fatal consequences.

Aaron Burr outlived Hamilton by 32 years. This is the last portrait ever painted of him.

1801 Jefferson and Burr deadlock in the Electoral College.
Hamilton advises the Federalists to back Thomas Jefferson over Aaron Burr.
The House elects Jefferson the third President, and Burr Vice President.
Hamilton founds the New York Evening Post.
His eldest son, Philip, is killed in a duel.

Hamilton-Burr Dueling Pistols
Photo: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
1802 The story of Jefferson and Sally Hemings is first published.
1803 Louisiana Purchase
1804 Hamilton argues People v. Croswell, defending the press against seditious libel.
New England Federalists discuss secession with Vice President Aaron Burr.
Hamilton fights a duel with Aaron Burr, and is killed.
1807 Aaron Burr is tried for treason, and acquitted.
1809 James Madison is inaugurated as the fourth President.
1812 - 1815    War of 1812
1826 July 4: death of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
1836 Aaron Burr dies.
1854 Elizabeth Hamilton dies.