Alexander Hamilton - The Man Who Made Modern America
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Alexander Hamilton: Unpublished Documents

In this section, we are making available previously unpublished manuscript documents by, to, or about Alexander Hamilton; that is, all manuscripts we have located that were not published in the major collections of Alexander Hamilton's papers, including The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, edited by Harold C. Syrett (New York, Columbia University Press, 1961-1987), and The Law Practice of Alexander Hamilton: Documents and Commentary, edited by Julius Goebel, Jr. (New York: Columbia University Press, 1964-1981). The images and transcripts provided here are documents from the New-York Historical Society and the Gilder Lehrman Collection. We would be happy to learn of unpublished documents in other collections, and would hope to include them in this database. For more information, or to obtain copies of any of these documents, please contact the appropriate archive:

Gilder Lehrman Collection
212-787-6616, x209
     New-York Historical Society
E-mail for reference assistance

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